Possible Project

2008-04-03 22:26:13 by Marshall

So I decided to make a series on youtube documenting the creation of a scene I'm building for a possible project. So far I've gotten two "Episodes" completed, both of which will be linked to. More are on the way. I churn out a one every couple of days, so keep your eye out for more. Here are the links.

Part One:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfzq5EX ACBA&feature=related

Part Two:

Leave comments, rate, favorite, ect if you can.

Voice Actor For "Hire"

2008-01-29 18:38:24 by Marshall

Hello. Alright, formalities are out of the way, let's get to the meat of this subject. I am a voice actor looking for work. I am free of charge and I can almost garrentee satisfaction. I have two voice clips to give you guys a good idea of what I can do, and I can always make more on demand. Here are the links to both of them:
http://media.putfile.com/Always-Yellin g-Man-Goes-To-The-Park

Here are ways to contact me:
PM's over newgrounds.
My Email: Anziothepolarbear@yahoo.com
My MSN: Anziothepolarbear@live.com

If you need a voice actor, please contact me. I'm always looking for work.

Madness Physics Test

2007-08-27 15:41:33 by Marshall

A Physics tests, invovling Madness.

http://www.ngup.net/view.php?file=Agit ition%20III%20Segment

Runs at 33 FPS.